Our team

Dedicated to quality

Processing aluminium in accordance with the highest quality standards comes with the strictest requirements. This applies to both the skills of the various disciplines, the software, the equipment and – at least as important – proper climate conditions. The highly qualified staff at Bloemsma have access to the most advanced tools, and their knowledge and skills are kept up to speed via dedicated training. Taken as a whole, these preconditions ensure that only the strongest and sleekest hulls leave the production facilities in Makkum.


The skilled and well-trained Bloemsma employees have been working together in a close-knit team for many years, and are known for their unrivalled efficiency in the field of hull construction. A constant striving for premium quality and the use of new technologies & materials has given Bloemsma an exceptional reputation among the yards and yacht owners who order our hulls.

We are always looking for new members to strengthen our team. Check out our current vacancies or contact us.