Aluminium Shipbuilding


Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw uses special corrosion-resistant aluminium alloys that are eminently suitable for long-term exposure to seawater. The specific gravity of aluminium is considerably lower than steel; the weight of an aluminium hull is around 35% lower than a steel hull with the same length. This lower weight has many benefits and makes it possible to install smaller engines, giving you a lower fuel consumption and larger range.

Aluminium also prevails over glass fibre-strengthened polyester hulls: collision tests have shown that the forces which can break polyester hulls only dent their aluminium equivalent.

Why choose Bloemsma

Due to Bloemsma’s special construction methods and technologies, the yard is able to build faster and sleeker constructions. Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw delivers exceptionally strong and clean-lined hulls in relatively short build times. This translates into considerable savings on labour and material costs during the painting process – which in turn means lower hull costs – and, at least as important, a reduced increase in weight.


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